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Last night I was surfing this little hole on Boulder Creek when I realized an impending window shade. Generally I jam my paddle into the rocks but that has been doing some damage to my new AT so I just let the wave suck me down. :( HUGE MISTAKE :!:. I wasn't completely parallel to the wave as the bow was pointing a bit down stream. The back of my head was slammed hard against a shallow rock. My neck vertebra cracked and sounded like a handful of dried sticks breaking :shock: as my head was compressed against my left shoulder and drug across the rock. All I could think about was the persons posting on here a few months back who was temporarily paralyzed by hitting their head on the bottom while riding a beach wave. It was a huge relief when I went for my roll and my arms worked. I rolled up totally stunned but not from the head impact but what had just happened to my neck and feeling like a fool :oops:. I floated to the side and recovered quickly in a few minutes after realizing nothing was seriously damaged. But people my tail was dragging the ground when I left that creek :sad:. Thanks to the people who were there who asked if I was ok.

Ever look at the WRSI helmets and think mmm don't really need all the protection down low in the back :?: Let me tell ya: you do. The scrapes from this mishap start very low on the back right side of this helmet, just behind my ear and go all the way to the crown of my head :eek:. The helmet stayed right on my head. I think this is a good helmet for the money you spend. I don't know how they do it frankly.

I got home and slammed a glass of Woodfords reserve small batch bourbon (neat). Man it went down good :) and then threw on an ice pack. Wife says whats wrong with your neck and say....uh I kinda wrenched it a little.

Scared the living sh#t out of me.
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