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I need a new playboat and don't know what to get, help please!

Me - 5'0", 105 lbs, female.

I've been in the Jackson Star for the past 5 years. Broke it beyond repair last week and would like to try something new. Ideally I would like to try something smaller and slicier rather than bulbous. I demo'ed the Wavesport Fuse 35 (a kid's boat) and I had a lot of fun in it except my legs were in so much pain I had to keep getting out. I'm having a hard time finding a slicey boat that will fit me. I would like to be able to put the ends down and do stern squirts and surf. Any recommendations?

I plan on demoing the Jitsu 5.5 even though it is bigger than I want and more bulbous.
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