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Hey there all kayak enthusiasts-

I got an email from a friend of mine up in Jackson Hole regarding the possibility of a new whitewater park in the Jackson Hole area. I've copied and pasted the email here for all to read and we would appreciate it if everyone could take the time to make their voice heard in the matter. Apparently the park would be near the Wilson Bridge just right outside Jackson, and it sounds like it would be sweet but it isn't a for sure think yet. This would be an awesome addition to that area. Please take the time and read the email that the boys at Rendezvous sent to me. Follow the instructions and take a few minutes to write to the town council showing your support for the funding. We might make the difference. I appreciate it. By the way, if people could post this in other places where boaters can see it, that would increase our chances as well. I just got this email, but I think that the deadline for submissions is tomorrow. If i would have known sooner, i would have posted.

Also, all those that read this post should make a comment to the thread showing support. Maybe we can use this forum to help show support.

Dane's email:

Hey there everyone,

We need to get as many kayakers to write in to the Town Council and County Commissioners in support of the Wilson Bridge Rec Area for SPET Funding.
We also need to voice our support of having a play wave built as part of the project, right now the play wave is not a guaranteed part of the project, but it can be.

All you have to do is write an email to the address' below. In the email state your support for SPET funding of the Wilson Bridge Recreation Area and that you want a kayak wave to be part of the project. If you want any more info on the Wilson Bridge Rec Area go to Snake River Fund-Jackson Hole Wyoming

I know some of you already know all this, but I was hoping you could forward this email on to anyone who might be interested in commenting.

Town Council:
[email protected]
County Commission
[email protected]


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