This is the suck. I love this trailer. I've moved this trailer from Montana to WV, up and down the East Coast, and finally here to Colorado. I have put a board on top and hauled a raft, canoes, used it as a camp kitchen, etc. You can drop the rear supports and you don't topple the thing over in camp. In camp I drop the rears and the front and it's a stable kitchen platform. Cook on the tailgate and serve on top. Even has an access door in front.

You can literally put two dirt bikes in it and single handedly move it around the garage, up and down your driveway, etc. I just hauled it 25 yards on my gravel drive by hand. Great center of balance.

Real hubs. Real tires. Real lights.

With real hubs you can haul stuff at 85mph. I have for thousands of miles. Most recently went camping up in Idaho and hauled enough crap to feed at least a damned platoon.

Unfortunately we had to rent a second Uhaul for our move to South Carolina and I have to leave this behind.

Be the only one anywhere with one. Put a board or aluminum or whatever up top and load underneath with all your gear.

Please buy me.

Bill of Sale Only.

Must sell/pick up on January 27 in Whitewater CO.

has a Pintle style hitch that goes into a 2" receiver. I'll give you two hitches - one that's raised for towing with a normal car. One that's straight mount if you have a jacked up truck or jeep or whatever.

or maybe you have a Pingauzer and need the trailer.