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Is there a swim test of sorts to test floation? My Kokatat is 10 years old and seems fine but I'm interested in testing it. Someone on Facebook suggested it should keep your chin out of the water without any assistance. Although I've had it 10 years the first 5 it received random use until I bought my boat 4 years ago.

Anyone have any suggestions/experience?

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I gave my PFD a swim test three times last Saturday 馃榾. Seriously, I would just get in the water with it. See if you are comfortable with how high it floats you. I wouldn't question it just because it is ten years old if it doesn't show a lot UV damage. The label with its type and intended use should be readable for permitted trips. For me, a PFD I bought ten years ago would not fit me as well now.

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I live by the "Five years or 300 days" rule, but generally stick with whichever comes second. At 5 years it may be 600 days for me.

Don't just make sure it floats you high. Compare it by trying your friend's brand new PFD right before/after. Also, visually inspect straps and buckles.

Finally, when it no longer works well for, please throw it away and don't try to sell it to another boater!
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