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Greetings all,

I wanted to post and let all of you know that after better than 2 years of hard work, letter writing and meetings, the COlorado State Parks board has spoken, unanimously, to approve the use modifications between Browns Canyon and the Numbers. What this means to us, as private boaters, is that for the time being, we will not be subject to permitting on Browns Canyon this year, and hopefully not in the near future.

The Commercial permitees have given us 90 boats per day in Browns, in exchange for us giving them a lengthened launch window in the Numbers and the ability to increase thier use there by 10 boats per year, to a cap of 90, providing 3 conditions are met, no conflicts between user groups, no additional resource degradation, and not overstressing the facilities. A small price to pay on our side, and a big gain. I would like to thank everyone that lent thier support and hard work to this endeavor.

The Parks board did indeed listen to everyone, and made the best decision for all involved. I couldn't have helped make this happen without all of the help and support I got from the private boating community. Again, Thank you ALL..
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