This is brand new, never worn. I ordered this last fall to use this year, but have now retired from kayaking due to a reoccurring back injury.

It is size XL which fits most grown men around 170-200 pounds.

I paid around $350 after shipping. On the website, they are about $310 without shipping right now.

It is located in Denver. I will not ship. Please call or text six08-three34-eight350.

If you are new to topdecks...
In my opinion, top decks are far superior a drytop and skirt. There is no opening for water to rush in around your waist which makes them dryer and warmer. It is also more comfortable because there is only 1 loose layer instead of 3 tight fitting layers of material around your waist. PeakUK is one of the few companies that makes top decks. They aren't commonly seen in the US because you have to order them online and it usually takes months to ship.