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Hello all--

My wife and I just returned from spending about a month traveling around Chile. Of course, we had an amazing time. But I thought I'd share some info on a great resource down there: CHILEAN ADVENTURES (you may have seen their banner that they advertise with on this site). We did quite of bit of paddling with Todd, Eddie, and Gonzo of Chilean Adventures, hitting up the Teno, the Siete Tazas, and best of all... the ACHI BUENO. They run a great operation, being very knowledgeable about the country and rivers. Eddie and Gonzo are Chilean citizens who are also fluent in English and French, and Todd is a seasoned guide with over ten years of experience in Chile. They had a good selection of boats, and were a blast to hang with after paddling all day.

I know most people want to hit up the very south of Chile, but you should really consider the Central Valley (near Curico). The rivers, like the Achi, provide mile after mile of whitewater, with emerald water. Best of, and unlike the south, it is HOT. The warm weather is exactly what you need if you're enduring a dreary winter.

Anyway, just wanted to recommend these guys at Chilean Adventures. If you're planning to go to Chile, of even if you're just thinking about it, you should contact them.
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