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Just wanted to let everybody know that Shangri-La River Expeditions (based in Grand Junction) is hosting two 2-week long first and second descent expeditions in Western China. We'll be doing easily accessible day trips for the most part this year. The region is predominantly inhabited by minorities (mostly Tibetans), and is home to the world's third highest mountain range. We'll paddle up to monasteries and through Giant Panda reserves, all in a virtually unexplored region of the world. For better or worse, we'll probably sign autographs and do interviews with the local media. On top of that, the whitewater is absolutely stunning in it's variety of shapes, sizes, and difficulty level, and also its accessibility.

To top it off, Chinese whitewater boating in China is in it's infancy. Come help put it on it's feet!

Check the trips and general china beta out on the web at

We've got all sorts of visual and written media that describe past adventures and would be happy to send it out.

I'm pretty flexible in terms of what style of paddlers are interested in coming...previously we hit it pretty hard, class 5...but if a group of people wants to come and do a class 2-3 paddle trip (shoot, we could even drag some learning Chinese paddlers along in duckies) my chinese colleagues and I would be thrilled.

Give me a call or send me an email: [email protected] or (541) 343 1034. (I'm going to school in Oregon)

Great! Look forward to hearing from somebody. Come get it while it's still there!

Travis Winn
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