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Wish I knew how to make a sticky topic!

Anyways, I am still looking for paddlers for the 10K (6.2mile) swim in Horsetooth Res. on
Saturday August 12. We are short by ~15-20 boats for the swim, which is the USMasters Swimming
Long Distance Openwater championships, as such we have 94 people swimming from the south
end of Horsetooth Res. to the north end. If any of you (or friends) can help, it would be greatly
appreciated. Additionally, if you cannot paddle, but are able to help out for some amount of
time between ~5am and noon as a shuttle driver (either in your car or in a van we have) please
let me know ( -- replace -at- with @ for email).

The swim is a fund raiser for Wingshadow (works with troubled youth) and Team Fort Collins
(drug & alcohol prevention in kids & families).

More details:
As mentioned, I'm still looking for about 20 boats plus paddlers for the
race. If you can help again, it would be _greatly_ appreciated. As in
past years, we have a few spare boats, so if you need a boat we may be
able to oblige, but it would help greatly if you can supply your own.

Benefits for you:
- t-shirt
- dinner (and the chance to listen to me and others talk at you)
- 2-5 hours (most likely 3-4) of easy paddling on Horsetooth
- get to see sunrise :)
- Chance to win one of 2 gift certificates that are being given as
a door prize to paddlers. Each certificate is worth $50, with one
for the Mountain Shop and one for Rocky Mountain Adventures.

If interested, the details are as follows, and yes the morning time is a
bit early. Lots more info and maps are at

Friday, August 11: Pre-Race Safety/Dinner meeting @Lincoln Center
Checkin: 5pm
Dinner: 6pm (ALL swimmers and paddlers must be checked in by 6pm!)
Orientation: 6:30pm
All Done: 7:30pm

Saturday, August 12 (Backup date is Sunday, August 13, 2006):
6:00 Paddlers checked in at South Bay boat ramp on Horsetooth.
6:15 Quick Paddler Meeting
6:30 All swimmers checked in South Bay, All paddlers in the water
7:00 Start
12:00 cut off time for last swimmer.
2pm Post Race Celebration at CB & Potts

Many thanks.
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