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I just got my renewal form in the mail today. With all the recent chat here about Gore Canyon it may be a good time to remind paddlers that AW helped secure our put in as well as others around the country. According to the AW data base places like Watauga River(NC), Blackwater River(WV), Elkhorn River(KY), Big Sandy (WV), Black River(VT), Cartecay River (GA), Numbers of the Arkansas River (CO), North Fork Smith (CA), Hidalgo Falls (TX), Alberton Gorge(MT), Gore Canyon (CO), and Coosa River(AL) have all benefited from AW's hard work.
So if you are not a member, please join up now. A year membership is only $35 and is well worth it. Maybe give one to your favorite paddler as a gift? We have so many new paddlers in the state every year that may not know all the good they do. We also have Nathan Fey as our Colorado River Stewardship Director so our voice is even stronger.
If you need to join it's easy. Simply go here:

Ken Hoeve
AW Athlete Ambassador
Dagger Kayaks
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