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I got all the dates pinned down for PWTPs this year as well as some other events. Paddle with the Pros is a day of fun on the river with boat demos, river running and play boating instruction for all levels, free food, and fun. And as always the entire program is free to everyone, just show up. Past years events have been awesome and with these upcoming water levels, this year's tour is sure to be epic.

Paddle with the Pros dates:

May 7th = 4 Corners in Durango (970) 259.3893
May 19, 20, 21 = C.K.S in Buena Vista (888) 265.2925
June 11th = Confluence Kayaks in Denver (303) 433.3676
June 17th = Rendezvous River Sports in Jackson W.Y (307)733.2471
June 24th = AlpenQuest in Edwards (970) 926.3867

* The river and locations for each event will be posted as the event gets closer. That way we can pick the best spot.
**Also in the works, another day with Mike Mather and a one day kayak specific swift water class. He is super busy this year but said he will do a one day program as some point. I will let you know when and where.

We will also be at countless events between each PWTPS with a ton of demo boats on hand if anyone needs one. Feel free to call me (970) 390.6860 if you would like to meet up and I can get one to you.
(These are not PWTPS events but you can still snag a free demo)

May 11th - 14th Reno
May 28th & 29th Steamboat
May 31st - June 4th Vail (Teva Games)
June 10th Steamboat
July 22nd KANSAS!!! Near Lawrence.
June and July Stop and pick up a boat on your way to Shoshone!

I look forward to seeing you all out on the river this year. It is going to be sooooo good.


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Lawrence Kansas Paddle Date

Hobie, thanks for the updated schedule. I would like to take the time to invite anyone that wants, to come out to the Lawrence Kansas event. We will have a paddle with the pros type event, an informal rodeo and a good time. Small Correction, the Date is July 22nd, not June 22nd.

We are in the early stages of the development of a whitewater park in Kansas right off of I-70. We need to show the city of Lawrence that there is a demand for this whitewater park from other paddlers besides local Kansas Paddlers. We are about to finish the trail down to the river and will start the 404 permit this summer.

For more information on the Wakarusa Wave Park project check out

for pictures of the wave as it is now check out

For video of the wave check out

Thank you
Shawn Tolivar
President of the Kansas Whitewater Association
[email protected]
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