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Paddle & Oar Stroke Sensor Market Survey

This online questionnaire will help us assess the marketplace viability for s’Metrics new Paddle & Oar Stroke Sensor product; a device and software system that will help paddlers and rowers learn how to achieve effective stroke techniques. Click the link below to contribute to our survey.

s’Metrics' Oar & Paddle Stroke Sensor is designed to support all paddle-sports and rowing enthusiasts, including the disciplines of Kayak, Canoe, Surfski, SUP, Dragon Boating, Crew-Rowing, etc.; from recreational users through competitive athletes.

s’Metrics' Paddle & Oar Stroke Sensor is a very small, ultra light, wireless, motion-capture device that attaches to a paddle or oar. It captures and calculates key performance metrics and then displays them on a:
- Phone/Tablet mounted on the boat - in real time.
- Computer - for post session analysis.

s’Metrics' Phone App and Computer Software measures, interprets, and graphs the performance, showing paddlers and rowers how to improve their stroke form, cadence, speed, and endurance.

At launch the Paddle & Oar Stroke Sensor will provide the following key metrics - refreshed every second:
- Total Strokes Per Session.
- Strokes Per Minute.
- Total Distance Traveled Per Session.
- Distance Per Minute.
- Distance Per Stroke.
- Speed.
- Heart Rate

Plus the following functions and analytics are supported:
- Stopwatch functions.
- Table display of all synchronized metrics.
- Technique analytics / strokes waveform display & drill down.
- GPS waypoints mapping.

Thanks for your help. See you on the water soon :)
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