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Just spent the last hour walking around the kayak section of the retailer show before I got 86'd. Here's my thoughts

Boats: Necky had the boat that stood out t ome. Short little loop boat wit h a ton of volume.

Fluid had some really cool boats.

Liquid Logic: New boats looking very similar to EZ.

Riot, a couple boats with Patent Pending written on them. one looks like a booster with more rocker for backsuurfing.

Prijon: Nothing stood out Wouldn't it be cool to have their awsemone plastic in a new style boat.

Wave sport : Some old man started asking me for a badge before I could see anything. Nothing jumped out at me.

Dagger: Nothing Jumped out at me

I din't get to see EJ's new boats. I also didn't see stohlquist

Helmets: I was disapointed I didn't see a full face glass helmet. Cascade still seems to be the only full head coverage and I only saw plastic. Tons of options out in glass and several new companies: (At least to me)

Paddle Gear: it is amazing how much better it is than five-ten years ago. Everyone seems to be making bomber stuff. The only thing that stood out to me was a lotus design with Lycra over the neck gasket area instead of the velcro synch it used to have. Should make an awsome top easier to get on and off.

Paddles. I saw an AT that looked like it had a solid blade (Not Hollow). Several new manufactures. One looked like sevens (with the narrow shaft), and wasn't seven. Werner looked like status quo. Why mess with the best? Lots of really cool wood padles out there for us to put our money towards. Riout had some paddles with blades that look sort of like bat wings. I don't know if its a product, but it would be interesting to see how they work.

Anyway, it was really fun to see all of the options out there. I look forward to feedback form some of you who know what your talking about. I have no industry tiues. I'm just a long time paddler with five boats and a canoe from five different manufactures.

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