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This was forwarded to me from a friend in OR:

Subject: [H20Addicts] EVSA Oregon, pls forward to all who need this info

Oregon To Require Boat Owners To Buy Permit To Fund Invasive Species Programs

Beginning Jan. 1, operators of all registered boats (power and sail) and manually powered boats 10 feet or longer are required by a new law to purchase an Aquatic Invasive Species Permit to fund prevention and control programs.

The environmental protection law, created by the 2009 Oregon Legislature, is designed to protect Oregon's waters from destructive invaders including the quagga and zebra mussels that are rapidly spreading across the nation degrading water quality, depleting native fish and waterfowl populations and costing millions of dollars in maintenance of water and power facilities. The new program will be implemented by the Oregon State Marine Board and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Registered boaters will pay an automatic $5 surcharge as part of their boater registration.

Out-of-state motorboat operators need to purchase an annual permit for $22 ($20 permit plus $2 agent fee) through ODFW license agents, ODFW offices that sell licenses and on the ODFW web site. Out-of-state permits will not be sold through boat registration agents or the OSMB.

Non-motorized boat operators (canoes, kayaks, sailboats, drift boats, etc.) will need to purchase and carry an annual permit. Permits can be purchased starting Dec.1 at ODFW license agents, ODFW offices that sell licenses and on the ODFW web site for a cost of $7 ($5 permit plus $2 agent fee). Permits are required for both residents and nonresidents and are transferable to other non-motorized craft, but every vessel on the water must have a permit.

Guides, outfitters, livery operations and boating clubs should purchase their permits directly from the OSMB.

The board and the ODFW are implementing the new Aquatic Invasive Species Program, which will include education outreach, voluntary boat inspections and decontamination of infected boats to stop the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species.

For information about the new Aquatic Invasive Species Program, visit

To purchase permits online, visit ODFW's Web site,

FAQs on the Aquatic Invasive Species Permit,
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