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Well, good ole bear creek is fading away and soon will dip below 100cfs. Its had a fantastic season with about 2 months of boatable flows.

From the April 24th storm when I skipped out of work and boated in the snow, to the stomping 300+ runs and getting nervous driving up, to the ebbing flows where we got two laps afterwork, it never failed to provide one hell of a ride.

Every single time we crawled up the bank at the takeout we had ear to ear grins! The sight of that bridge at the takeout is one of joy and relief... joy for a great run completed, and relief that you are in your boat and all gear is accounted for (even after a no fun falls yardsale!).

Bear was beatdown central too, and the hordes of lost paddles, cracked boats, swims and pins added to the adventure. No fun falls rodeo moves, knocking boaters out of holes only to surf yourself, and rock and log pins were frequently part of the day.

One of our last runs down was an afterwork mission where we saw a couple of deer running along the banks and a blue heron with a fish in his beak. Takeout beers were enjoyed as the full moon came up over the rocks... Beautiful!

Lets hope for some major monsoon for a 2007 season finale! Three cheers for a great season on bear creek!

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Hey dude, this post is totally lame. From the title I was expecting a poem. You know, something Wordsworth-esque. Something like this:

Intimations of Mortality From Recollections of Bear Creek

There was a time when mank, willows, and stream,
the white, and every horizon line sight,
to me did seem
apparelled in celestial light,
The gory freshness of a swim.
It is not now as it hath been of yore;--
turn whereoe-er I may,
By night or day,
The boofs which I have seen I now can see no more.

What though the water which was once so swift
be now forever captured on video bits,
though nothing can bring back the power
of a hole by the retaining wall, of pencilling no fun falls;
we will grieve not, rather find
mank in what remains behind;
In the blasted roadside
Which we call Clear Creek;
In the late season flows of Gore that spring
out of human daming;
In the faith that winter will bring
Snow to once again fill the mountain streams.

etc. etc...

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Sorry buddy, here ya go.


Boaters gathered donning gear
Butterflies swell, quench the fear

Sprayskirt on, noseplugs tight
Into the creek, frothing white

On red alert, watch for wood
Boofing hard feels so good

Rocky slides come at you fast
Supress thoughts of swims past

Round the corner is No Fun Falls
Knuckles white, where are my balls?

Dropping in, punch a big hole
Upside down, time to roll

Violent surf, can't get out
Buddies eddy and start to shout

Out of the boat and over the falls
Savior with a rope loudly calls

Paddle found by boating hero
My swim count has now passed zero

Back in the boat, time for more
Dented boat leaves the shore

Willows hang low and rocks protrude
On the bank is a drunk mullet dude

Holes abound, making moves fast
Wave to the face, having a blast!

Rounding the bend, here comes the dam
Boof it hard or time for a slam

Adrenaline pumps, heart starts to race
Out of breath at a frantic pace

Willow island, final swim due
Pin on a rock, lose my right shoe

Back in the boat, takeout so near
Heart beating fast, beat back the fear

Bridge is in sight the end is now near
We are all in one piece, let out a big cheer

Gear strewn around, beers good and cold
Tales of mass carnage never get old

Battered and torn after the run
Can hardly believe this is so much fun

Very next day, do it again
Flows could be gone soon, you never know when

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More my speed...

There once was a creek, name of Bear,

With fun called “No Fun” below Lair,

Like a well-ridden skank,

She delivered the mank,

But woe--come July Bear’s not there…
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