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I need 1-2 Oarsmen for this trip. The trip departs from the hotel in flagstaff OCT 29th and gets off the water Nov 19th.

We have 16 total people on this trip. The estimated cost is $1275 for 4 18 ft rafts and 1 16 ft raft. The meal plan is $21 allotted per day packed out from PRO- (Gear and Food $1175 per person +100 for permit.)

If you have any interest in leading a boat down please shoot me an email with your qualifications. I want someone that can handle big water or is EMT wilderness/training certified.

We are a very easy going group that is very inclusive. The majority of us are from Cincinnati, OH with some of our guides coming from TN, NC area. We like to party but we are not obnoxious or out of control (green friendly)

Leave your cell in your email and I will call you promptly. First person to send me a check gets the spots. I have one open with the potential that another guy may drop. Could use up to two people. Let me know!
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Spots are currently filled- am taking spots for backup requests.
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