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Oarsmen Needed for Grand Canyon Launch 8/25/14

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Just won a permit last week. It'll be a small group, only 4 as of now. I'll be captaining a raft rented from Moenkopi and would like a second or more. Let me know if your interested.
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You (luck dog) may also want to post over on this Yahoogroup that's been set up to help people with specific trip planning issues, like recruiting participants.

Hope this helps. Good luck on putting the trip together.

Rich Phillips
I would like to jump aboard this trip! I have a great boat, just have never been. I have a trailer and could seat four with 2 stack if needed.

[email protected]
I would like to jump aboard this trip!
Hop in your time machine and head to Lees Ferry. The launch was 8/25, yesterday. Damn I need some of that Colorado weed!
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