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So here is the deal. A couple of months ago, I bought a used cat with
clips and pins. As I finally have a trip coming up, I was switching
out the C&P's and putting on oar locks. No big deal.
Well, the cat came with Cataract oars (I have Sawyers on my raft), so
I got some sleeves and I thought simple process. Got the first one on
fine with just a little help from a rubber mallet. Started to put the
next one on and it went just pass the handle and got tight. So again,
the rubber mallet, but this one wouldn't budge. Couldn't get it off or
on. Used a little too much power and the stopper part of the sleeve
started breaking off. Finally had to use a hammer and chisel and
completely split the thing to get it off.
So anybody got any experience in getting these things on. I'm thinking
maybe if I get the shaft cold and put the sleeves in boiling water for
a bit, they might expand enough to slide over the shaft.
My other thought is just say screw it and just get the shafts rope
wrapped and use rubber doughnut stoppers.
Thanks for your opinions,

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i too recently had to fight a sleeve nto a new cataract. i wonder if the sleeves had a run that was a little small. i have never had a problem in the past and have sleeved many cataracts. now that you mention it the boiling water may be worth giving a try. rope wraps are sweet and you get a more positive bite when you take a stroke so its not a bad way to go. i think they sell the kit at down river.

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You probably have sleeves for Carslisle oars. Jus slice it length wise, the bolt through the Oar Stop will hold it in place.

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