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Northgate advice please

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We are planning a 2 day 1 night trip on July 1, if there is still water. Really would like to know:

1. How low is too low for 14' rafts (rowing)?

2. Better to take out at Pickaroon or Benett? Yes, we have high clearance 4x4, but don't know which is more of a hassle, and don't want to end up an extra night on the river.

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I've done Northgate in a 14' boat down to somewhere in the 600's in early July in the late 90's- you'll likely get stuck a few times, but it's possible. I think we got snowed on on the 4th on that trip as well, but that could have been another time- bring warm clothes...
Saw a few trucks at Prospect takeout this past weekend, but didn't notice any trailers.

Between Big Creek and the French Creek Bridge are long stretches of wide shoals that would be unpleasant at low flow.
It is really tought to get good information about Northgate. I have read a ton of MB posts and still am confused. I think I understand the put in options pretty well.

We plan on putting in at the Routt Access.

Can't take out at 6 mile gap because we will have a trailer and oar rig.

Can anybody tell me what be the best TO option for a trailer after 6 mile gap?
Upper North Platte River Wyoming Access Points

Route to Treasure Island is a common overnight trip because that is the only simple shuttle option. All other takeouts involve carrying out, 4x4 roads, or long dirt road shuttles.
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