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North wash take out. rated M

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Howdy everyone, wondering if anyone has had eyes on the north wash take out in the last month or so. We are planning on launching 2 snout boats from there for a lake Powell trip to shakedown our snouts (northwash to page). Im aware that it is steep, but was curious if there was a giant mud flat between the channel and the ramp...

Thanks for the input
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We took out a trip on North Wash yesterday... watching that snout go up the cliff was insane.

We hand carried 3x16' rafts up – not pleasant, but not impossible.

Thanks to everybody for helping us get out effectively. Hope we were able to do a little in return and get outta y'all's ways:)

Only other thing to add is – watch that fast current through there! It is freaking tight!

Unbelievable that there is really no solution to this. Just brutal.
Seems like the outfitters and NPS could engineer and fund a reverse version of the launch ramp up on the Middle Fork. Didn't some kind of cooperative arrangement contribute to the ramp at Pearce Ferry?
There is this raging debate... Everybody advocates extending the Hite ramp. My question is... why don't you leave the original Hite ramp high and dry, run a little gravel road to the river, and pour a new ramp below Hite. Seems hard to build a real ramp at North Wash, based on the perched river and all the sediment.

Idk, until then I feel like you either have boats you can break apart and carry up a cliff, or put enough hp behind your boat so you can bang over to Bullfrog in a few hrs.
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