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i'm driving from portland or to redding ca 1st 2 weeks of april this year. Have time to stop and boat numerous runs along the way. What are my best options considering this years snowpack, class 3-5?
2 guys, one car and bikes. shuttle info or any other beta much appreciated.

rogue (any non-permited runs?)
cal salmon

thanks all

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It's a tough call this year with the low snowpack. Without rain to help it's hard to say what will be in. Keep your fingers crossed for rain or snow before then.

You might also want to look at both forks of the Cal Salmon if flows are high enough, as well as the Scott River and Clear Creek into the Klamath, a true classic up there. Wooley Creek as well if you don't mind hiking.

I'd also look for Box Canyon of the Sacramento River, a very nice class IV run with easy logistics.

Bring overnight gear, hope to get lucky and put the Illinois on your radar as well as Mill and Deer creek just a touch (1hr) further south of Redding.

If things really dry up, put the Upper Klamath on your radar too. As long as the roads are not too wet it makes a nice bike shuttle and has flow every day.

If all have water this is what my priorities would be in order of what I think is classic/memorable:
Clear Creek into the Klamath
Wooley Creek
Mill Creek (in a large part for the scenery, if possible read the book Ishi first)
Scott River (if flows around 2,000)

Darin McQuoid
Prijon USA (coming back!)

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April is usually before snowmelt in Oregon. I'd focus more on rain events in Oregon at that time of year rather than snowmelt.

Clackamas will have water and is an easy bike shuttle, a bit tough to hitch but possible.

McKenzie is more class 2 but nice fishing.

Umpqua has several nice runs and some tribs that are harder that might come in from rain. Hot springs, great camping, fishing and scenery.

Check with locals on Miracle Mile on Upper NFMF Willamette. Could go early if we have warm weather and is a classic.

If we have rain then, I'd hit Opal Cr. on the way by and maybe Breitenbush.

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