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Night Before Hell's Canyon Camping

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I have a trip coming up in a few weeks down Hell's canyon and will be driving up to ID/OR the day before my put in up.

Anyone have any recomendations for places to camp the night before we put in that are close by?
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There is a public park right off road few miles short of dam. Always just pulled over off road and slept inside fence of the park. Think its called Hells Canyon park. No reservation required. Will be RV and ski boaters taking up the lower developed camp spots enjoying the reservoir. Has a bathroom and shower.
I stay at Scotty's in the backyard. It's Hells canyon shuttles

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we have stayed at copperfield campground right there in oxbow.. We are thinking about staying at scotty's out back of the shuttle store this year...
There is an amazing free campsite under a giant tree near Big Bar a few miles above the put in.
I've done both Scotty's and Hells Canyon Park. If you get there during daylight I would recommend Hells Canyon Park. It is pretty nice hanging in the grass by the river. Scotty's is good for a down and dirty crash for the night.
If it is late, there are also tons of pullouts that are plenty big for camping along the road by the reservoirs before Scotty's.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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