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Inspired by the IR Big Gun show and wanting a surf kayak contest that really allows EVERYONE to show their best stuff, Mega Kayaks and are hosting a new style of surf paddling contests.

This is your chance to show your best paddling from 2006. It's simple, find a camera person, find a wave, and show us your best...send it in by February 20, 2006. All winners will have prizes for the paddler and the Camera Person. The best rides, including all winners, will be included in a Movie available around March 2007.

What are you waiting?

Check it out on

Meanwhile check the video section of and find that video you made that can give a cool surprise for this year! There are already there some (but we have plenty more) VIDEOS from Spain, USA, Northern Ireland, Argentina, Israel, Ecuador, Costa Rica, France and Portugal.

Now, you just have to check:

They are all there! From Dailymotion, Broadbandsports, and more.

Send us your suggestions and don’t forget the 2006 Surf Kayaking Video Contest

Keep riding!

luis pedro abreu
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