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Newbie to the Ogden, Utah Area

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Hey All -

Newbie to the forum/posting in general. My now-wife's family got me into the rafting scene and I've since fallen in love (with both her and the river). After about 4 years now, I've gotten 2 Middle-Fork trips, 1 Main trip, a Westwater trip, many day floats up in Alpine, and a day float on the Madison in Montana. We have a 14' Cat, but have just recently upgraded to a 15' Star Raft to haul a bit more gear.

Slowly dipping my toes into the kayaking world too (Finally got my roll down) with a run down the Green in it, a short/scary day on the Middle-fork, and a few day trips to the Ogden kayak park and the Hennefer-Taggart Weber River.

Hoping to gain a lot of knowledge in this forum and learn from people far more experience than myself as I keep on this lifelong love of river running.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts