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New Years Day on Shoshone 2015

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I can't believe it but it's December 1st again... It's almost the beginning of the next paddling season that starts for many of us on Shoshone on New Years Day.

Here is a Facebook page to share stoke, carpools, clothing questions and above all pictures from this year and past years.

Let's all meet at The Grizzly Creek boat ramp parking area (normal Shosho take out) at high noon January 1st. Get dressed and ready to run shuttle up to the put in ASAP for the first lap.

This is always a great time! A few tips: dress warm, gloves are better than pogies (if you swim) , NRS Toaster Mitts are better than gloves. Beg borrow or steal a dry suite, You can do it in your old leaky splash top but you will have a great time being warm and dry. Skull caps are great but a hood is wonderful. Bring your GoPro! Share rides from the Front Range if you can, that is half the fun getting fired up for the paddling year. Typically its mostly kayakers but there is a growing SUP force (Thanks Hobie), A few river boarders some years (that's crazy, hats off to you), and a rafter always says they are coming and never shows up. Maybe this year we might have the first. ;-)

Here is a great video about how much fun we have! Hope to see you there!
-Peter Holcombe
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Sweet! Ill be there! (unless I break my hand skiing like I did last year XD)
I hope you can make it! Skiing is dangerous.

Sweet! Ill be there! (unless I break my hand skiing like I did last year XD)

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I put a work request to get the day off in this morning. :) Leaving the Denver area around 8:15
I will be there...Boofing for Beth!
YES!!! I am going to miss Beth this year at NYD Shoshone. She was always someone I could count on being ready to paddle in the cold.
I'll be there. Though it won't stop me, I'll admit, I'm hoping for a mild day, not another ~15F day. John
I'm very happy to see this tradition has revived. I am hoping to be there again this year as last year but after missing more than 3 decades for whatever reason, (including not wishing to boat it alone in the winter) So I encourage any other old goats in old boats to join in. And don't forget your farmer-johns and a wool sweater.
Who is getting fired up for the first day of the 2015 paddling season?

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Oh ya, Getting an east coast crew together!! Gotta love some nyd playboating action. We have no snow, but I'll be think of you all freezing ur butts off!!!
Wish I could go but its been only 6 weeks since my surgery. Stay warm!
Didn't break my hand again so I will be there with a group of 4!
Tomorrow is going to be great on Shoshone! Looks like it won't be too cold, but still cold enough to make it special in an iced up PFD sort of way. I'm in Louisiana and will miss my first NYD on Shoshone in nearly a decade. It is one of my most anticipated paddling days of the year.

Carry on, meet at high noon at Grizzly Creek, make new friends and enjoy every frozen minute on the river! Have fun, dress warm, if you flip... roll and keep each other safe! I'll be there next year and I hope to see you all on a river soon!

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