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Sorry to be redundant--but thought I'd use the 'Buzz to its full capability and double post in multiple forums:

Howdy everybody,
For the past couple of years, I've been involved in the development of an outreach education program designed to get water managers better linked to water users here in Colorado. The Colorado Foundation for Water Education, together with Channel 7 in Denver, and a group called Stormwatch Communications helped make the idea of an interconnected media network for Colorado Water possible. As part of this effort, there is a new message board forum discussion page--much like this one--now available. It's at:

The idea for this message board is for folks to be able to post questions about water issues (river flows, snowpack, water diversions, reservoir operations, etc.) and have actual water management professionals respond to them. The other thought is that water management folks like me could post public meetings, water festivals, board meetings, media events and etc. there so the public could know about them.

The problem is, the site is brand new this year. It's had its kinks worked out, but it's not getting any traffic to speak of. I figured, if I announced it here, some of you folks might spread the word and really help jump start the site so it can become the useful tool we all imagined it could be.

If you do visit, let them know what you think! :wink:
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