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New to Rafting: "Wet Run" Prep on Flat Water?

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Hello all,

This is only my second post and I'm totally new here and to rafting. I do have a question that I'd like to bounce off you guys for maybe some encouragement that I'm not being a complete bozo if I choose to proceed.

Q: Prior to setting out on our first trip down the Green River through the Gates of Lodore would it be wise to take our new raft out to the lake near my house and just kind of do a "wet run" of the inflation/assembly, the full gear loadout and to get a feel of the oars with the raft fully loaded with everyone on board before doing so on moving water? I think its a great idea that would be a lot of fun, and I think it would be great for the family to just work through everything one good time before we have the other 5 rafts in our group waiting on us. We will otherwise be in good hands with 20+ experienced folks in our group to help us along. So in other words we're not just jumping in willy nilly, but still, I'd like a run through once!

Our family of 5 just purchased our first raft and we are all brimming with excitement! Although I have no rafting experience my wife grew up doing it and my eldest son did a trip a few years back. But its all new to me. I have only done a two day trip in my Old Town Loon 120 down the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania which had class I rapids, but I loved it! I frequently take it out on the water fishing and exploring. Anyway...

My experience is minimal and I just wanted to hear if any of you have done this, or seen others do it, or might consider it a good practice. I'll happily take any tips or suggestions on the matter as well.



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Absolutely do some lake rowing and get as comfortable as you can rowing forward and backward and turning as much as you can. Fortunately you can have a more experienced rower take over in the more challenging rapids on the Green. Hate to have you lose your boat on the maiden voyage.

I also recommend you get the book, The Complete Whitewater Rafter, and read it.
Congratulations and welcome to the clan of RiverScum.

Absolutely do a setup. Unless you fill coolers and boxes it won't be to the weight you will have but get everyone loaded on and figure out where all the dry bags go and ….what do you we do with this pile of pads ……how did we possibly use all the straps….good God where will that fit in….honey we have to leave one of the kids at home….a three minute oar changeout will not do…..Do we really need five water bottles in the bottom of the boat….how did the bow line get tangled up like that….then get everyone settled in……...And…….Dad I am hungry can I get a snack?

Not without undoing 59 straps Son. You will have to wait.

Best of luck and welcome to the Buzz. Boating with my family is one of the best things we do.
It can't hurt but that said, never waste the opportunity to jump in willy nilly. Some of the most enjoyable experiences of my life have been to jump in willy nilly.
I'd say you ABSOLUTELY should do a dry (wet) run. In fact, I think it would be wise to do a day float on moving water. A Lodore trip is a commitment- once you are in the canyon, you're coming out the other end- period. Discovering something at that point is going to impact everyone's experience. You don't want to be "that guy". Do your work now- enjoy that epic experience to its fullest as a result.

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