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New to kayaking

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Hey guys and gals. Just had a good friend give me a wave sport project x 64 when he couldn't take it with him on his move. So a little background on me. I have kayaked before. Mostly just on ponds fishing out of it but this play boat thing is entirely new to me. His skirt was way to small to fit me so I'm going to need to buy a new skirt that fits me. Im 5'9 200lbs and wear a 34-36 pant so any advice would be great and i will also need a new paddle. He took his paddle with him. I guess it was already buried before he realized the boat wouldn't fit in the haul. So i will need advice on length and brand. I'm not looking to break the bank but would like to give this a try. Im pretty excited for this actually. Is there anything else you guys recommend for a noob like myself.
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I would get a immersion research Kraken 2 skirt and a werner powerhouse 195 cm

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I would get a paddle off craigslist. Also if you don't have a white water life vest then get one! The vest should cost you no more than $100. You don't need a fancy one... yet

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large tunnel skirt with a XL deck to fit the project x 64 I use seals skirts pro rand and id go with a 194cm paddle or close to the size. A whitewater kayak pfd is essential for movement so look some up go low profile!
If you're in MA, you can find local gear for sale here:
I'll second the "get a cheap paddle online" advice. It's pretty likely you'll lose it in a swim at some point. If you still have it after a couple of years, buy a more expensive one.

Spend the money you save on a really good helmet.
And since you are starting in a playboat. you will swim. For sure. But it is also easy to learn to roll it... where you live? Are there roll sessions near by?

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