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As of May 24, 2017, at 212 CFS and 2.8 feet on the put-in gage there are two new creek-wide strainers on the Apple Valley run. Both are at drops. The first is about .75 miles downstream of the arched bridge. It could be sneaked on the far left or the far right. The second blockage is about 1 mile down from the bridge. It had a sneak route on the very far right.

As the N. St. Vrain rises slowly it is picking up wood from upstream and depositing it in the rapids. These obstacles are serious life-threatening hazards to tubers, straight line paddlers, swimmers, open canoes, the inexperienced and raw beginner kayakers.

All of this wood could jam up further at any time or just float downstream and block lower rapids. Until this situation stabilizes Apple Valley should only be run by kayakers with very good boat control and experience identifying and avoiding strainers.
By RonKayaks
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