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The landowners of the property around Four Falls (Rivercliffe is the name of the property) have posted a new sign on one of the bridges. It says...

"Private Property through four falls
Owners understand limited scouting, portage, and rescue provided boater accepts all risk and fully releases owners from any liability whatsoever.
All other tresspassing will be prosecuted"

The message is a fair message in my opinion. I think this is good news for boaters that the landowners publicly and in writing acknowledge that they are OK with portaging, scouting, and rescue. The limited term is vague, and my take is that pissing, littering, loitering or other things outside "limited" activity could be prosecuted.

Lets do our best as a community to keep a good relationship with these folks and to put our best foot forward.

For next year's Bailey Fest, I will be in contact with the landowners to try an avoid any conflicts. At this point, I think things are in good shape.

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