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Attention Rafters,

Rock fall mitigation efforts are taking place in the Ox Bow portion of Clear Creek thru July 18. The construction project team is requesting cooperation from all water crafts including rafters, boaters and kayakers moving through the Ox Bow portion of Clear Creek. For your safety, please read and immediately implement the following list of requests:

  • Eliminate any trips through this portion of the canyon by taking out at Kermit’s.

  • If it is absolutely necessary to boat this portion of the canyon, please only do so after 1 p.m.

  • Be aware of spotters located along the creek and cooperate if directed to pull over at the old abutment.

Please be aware of a new series of safety measures thru this area:

  1. A warning sign that reads “Rafters Be Prepared to Stop” has been posted just downstream of the rapid “Terminator”.
  2. A spotter is at this location. This spotter is in communication with a second spotter farther downstream, as well as the crew working on the rock face. The spotter will notify both parties that a raft/kayak/boater is approaching.
  3. The second spotter is just downstream of the rapid “Horrendous Left Turn”, at the location of an old railroad bridge abutment, about halfway through the Ox Bow. Depending on what is happening with the rock fall, the spotter at this location is equipped with a stop paddle and may be directing the watercraft to stop at this location. This is a popular spot for rafts to stop and eat lunch/swim in the water, etc.
  4. All watercraft may need to stop at that location for up to one hour. The delay will be kept to a minimum, but this is necessary for safety reasons. Once the work zone is safe to pass through, the boats can be released and allowed to move downstream.
  5. All watercraft will need to continue downstream and not stop between the old abutment and the rapid “Corkscrew” as the work crews will be waiting for them to clear that work area before resuming work.

The Project Team has already instituted the following measures to help mitigate the impact on the boaters while still maintaining a safe work zone:

  • Moving construction hours to an earlier start time; Work will now start at 6 a.m. instead of 7 a.m., Monday - Friday.
  • Large rock removal will occur in the morning hours only and the bulk of rock scaling will cease by noon each day.
  • We have increased the number of spotters and signage along the creek and we have changed their locations to allow a suitable stopping point.

Why are we taking these measures?:

The crew that is working on the rock face may be in the middle of trying to drop a large rock, they can’t always control when it will fall. No boaters should be moving through the zone while any of these rocks are in that situation.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Public Information Team.

-Thank you,
Peaks to Plains Trail Project
Public Information Team


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