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New Member Offerring Free Troutmap to First Response

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I am a new member and I figured my first post could be a gift to one Mountain Buzzer. I was down in Boulder last weekend and stopped by Rocky Mountain Anglers and picked up a bunch of Troutmaps for cheap (they're changing owners). I got overzealous and picked up a map set that was covered in a larger set that I also purchased. So my spazziness is your free map.

The map is Troutmap's Wyoming Upper Green:

Hay Farm to Lombard Ferry Access

I'll even pay to ship the map to you. I would prefer the map to go to someone who would plan on using it this year, but the first reply gets the map.

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I'll take it if still available. I fish the Green lots. thanks, jg
Right On! It's yours. PM me your address.
jg didn't PM me his address, so if anyone else wants this map sent to them post here and PM me your address.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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