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Hey Boaters,
Surf on over to the Gear reviews and check out the pics and spec of the new boats. The Diesel review is a little old and has a couple of mistakes. The Diesel 65 is of course 65 gal, not 67, nor is it 25 feet wide, inches maybe?
The PFD spec sheet has all the correct info. They have the Diesel 65 and the ZG 48 molds in house now and are starting to crank them out as we speak so they'll be in the shops and on the water in a couple few weeks! The Diesel 75 and ZG 54 should follow up 3 weeks after!
There's been some great changes in the R&D process and personnel and the boats are looking sweet. The best since we went over to NC and left Oak Creek, (aka. the boating center of the universe!)

Check 'em out & Let it snow!!!
We have good open water in Salida but damn it's cold!
For now I think I'll just enjoy a fine Moonlight Pizza!

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