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NEMO Hexalite 6 tent/shelter

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Do any of you have - or been on a trip when it was used - a NEMO Hexalite 6p? I have or have access to a variety of good sun/rain shelters. Problem in Alaska (other places too I expect) is wind and in my experience no sun/rain shelter works well in big wind. We've used boats propped up on their sides out on the coastal plain and that works OK but a true shelter would be nice.

Up here - even in the summer - we often encounter rain with 20+ mph winds and temps in the 40s - especially on rivers like the Copper or Tat/Alsek that work their way to the sea. We can usually find a copse of trees for a break but often that means extra time on the water in really shitty conditions - doable but tends to suck the fun out of things - especially for those not rowing. We always manage to cope and won't stop going but I'm looking for another option.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks.
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Looks like a bigger 2 pole version of a megamid. Never seen one or used one but love the megamid for rain, wind and snow but the mid may be a bit small for what you are looking for. The nemo looks a bit larger. Let us know if you get one how it works out.
I haven't used that one before, but you might also check out a hilleberg Altai. I've only seen the pics, but it seems pretty bomb and versatile. Kinda looks like it could be a PITA to set up on a rocky beach, but might be more solid and weatherproof than the nemo when properly set up. Just my 2 cents
Thanks. Don't know how I missed the Hilleberg on my searches. Looks like the ticket. Appreciate the help.
top shelf

If I had the money, this is what I'd get...

Shelters / Tipis – Kifaru Intl. Online Store

A friend has one, and loves it...light, super strong and stable, put a wood stove in it, and it packs into a small bag. He's a long time Iditarod and Quest musher and only uses the best.

I would use a Tarp I have many times in the winter on the Oregon coast in conditions similar to those. As long as the wind direction is known and you use a low style pitch you should be fine. Make sure you are using a good quality tarp.
Looks like a slightly larger version of my MSR Twin Brothers. While I love the Twin Bros most of the time, I've learned I hate it in a heavy wind. Turns into a total parachute, and can't get it set up unless you put a boulder on each corner. Maybe.

For the money, I'd look at the Titanium Goat pyramids (similar to the Kifaru). We have one in our group, with the super lightweight breakdown stove...which is awesome. I'd think that would be an ideal thing for Alaska!

pics of both


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I have the Nemo hexalite. It is an awesome tent. For the size, the weight is super low. Here is the downside in the wind - it is the sides. If the flat faces of the tent face in to the wind, it is like a big sail. The single pole tipi tents shed the wind much better. I've used mine successfully in the wind, but you will need to have some beastly stakes. The little aluminum ones are far, far from adequate. I added a stove boot and have run my Simms stove in there for steelheading trips. I'd be happy to answer any other questions. I got mine for a great deal from

Thanks M3mphis - good picture. I've pretty much decided to get either the hilleberg altai or one of the Tipi tents. Appreciate the input.
watching the hilleberg altai setup instructions gave me a headache. good lord, what a PIA.

It also lines up perfectly with my experience testing out two of their other tents on a mt rainier climb which was that they are overpriced junk. Worst two tents I've ever used or been around in that price range and their "designed" usage. Hands down. Plenty of tents 1/4 the cost would easily out perform them, as well.
That Hilleberg looks like a miss.....

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GoLite Shangi-La 5

I like the GoLite Shangi-La 5. At 5 Pounds 10 ounces and pack size is the same as my North Face 2 person backpacker tent. Great shelter if you can find one. Word is they should more in there retail locations in a month.
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