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Will hypalon be more durable over the trib? Like hitting rocks and what not? Also I have a big horn frame from nrs and its 60" wide so I figure why not use it. I did see a 14ft hyside that recommended a 60 inch frame. And it was around $5200 just don't know if I really wanna drop that much money for my limited use and not really much big white water. will a hypalon boat roll up better than pvc in really cold weather?
It's absolutely more durable, a hypalon boat will last decades, the tributary, well it has a 10 year warranty most people love .. Hypalon boat doesn't have zippers or need the high maintenance a bladder boat like a trib needs. It also will easily roll up much smaller and tighter than a plastic boat like an aire or rmr.. Hypalon boats floors don't hold water either like a tributary either, making them much easier to row and carry out of the water.

The E140 that psu96 is selling is a great Hypalon boat. Used boats can be a great way to get your rig. A lot of people bought boats during the china virus panic, and now with inflation can't afford to keep them. Some decent deals to be had if you look. Also, a lot of times boat repair businesses have lines on good used boats.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts