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We need some more rowing experience and one more raft for a Grand Canyon launch on July 28, taking out at Diamond Creek on August 12. We currently have 11 people, with two rental Pro rafts and one private raft. We have 3 openings, one for an oarsmen for the second Pro raft, and two more (a couple or friends) with a 16' or larger raft.

The trip is split between Salt Lake City (7 people) and Fort Collins (4 people). The Fort Collins group is bringing the first half food, with the second half coming from Pro. We are looking for people from Northern Colorado so that we can coordinate food and transportation from Fort Collins or vicinity. Despite our lack of oarsman, we have pretty extensive Grand Canyon experience.

Some additional information - we are not big partiers, we like to go (relatively) light, and we really like to hike. Please contact me through Mountain Buzz.


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