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Good afternoon folks-

First, we are going to be bumping up the release tomorrow morning by 50 cfs at 8:00 am. Due to concerns over the accuracy of the gage reading, Reclamation requested an additional physical measurement at the USGS San Juan River at Archuleta gage. The gage is reading approximately 135 cfs higher than what was physically measured in the river today, 355 cfs. The USGS website has not yet been updated with this new shift. When it is updated, the reading at Archuleta will be closer to 400 cfs, based on the most recent release change. Reclamation is using a preliminary USGS shift. It is subject to review by the USGS and may change.
The press release for this change is here: Bureau of Reclamation - Project Notices: Navajo Unit

Secondly, our annual Spring Operations Meeting is coming up next week (Tuesday, April 28th, at 1pm at the Farmington Civic Center). Please attend if you are able and interested. We will be discussing the new operational plan for spring operations that will hopefully provide more flexibility in operations on an annual basis. I will post the minutes and presentation after the meeting on our website, here: Bureau of Reclamation: Western Colorado Area Office - Navajo Unit Operational Meeting

Susan Novak Behery, P.E.
Hydraulic Engineer
Western Colorado Area Office
Durango, CO
[email protected]
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