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Nantahala NC USA

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I grew up white water rafting on the Nantahala River in North Carolina every summer up until 14yrs old. Unfortunately the family friend that planned all of the trips is dead, and none of the adults recall any details of where we were.

My brother and I are looking to camp two nights and spend one day (Friday) on the water, probably in a two man ducky.

I'm looking for recommendations for a beautiful green campsite, doesn't need to be finished with any amenities. Looking to be away from screaming kids or loud parties. Also looking for feedback on any of the many outfitters.

I appreciate your time!
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i think you would like the big south fork of the cumberland. it runs at all kinds of levels, amazing sceenery and could be overnighted.
Small town called Wesser off Hwy 19/74. Theres camping if you continue following the river up the road from the put in...wooded, right by a creek, fairly remote feeling...huge festival the 27th and 28th so if ya want quiet don't go that weekend. Also great camping in the Smokey Mtn Natl Park if ya don't mind driving a bit
Lost Mine Campground. About a mile from the NOC store/takeout. They don't allow partying. NOC is probably the highest price outfitter but you only have to ride the bus once since the takeout is at their place.

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