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n.f crystal, punch bowls and CMF this weekend

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I have a reservation for a UTV this weekend.

I am looking for some people to go with me to run the shit. It is a bit low for CMF but I assure you n.f crystal and the punch bowls go.

Does anyone have friday free to go stouting with me? I'd like to find 2 people to go.

many laps on n.f for sure, I havn't run the punch bowls yet but would if I had a safety crew standing there. I've scouted it many times and feel good.

The n.f has a fun feel at this level, a great way to slide and falls, PB so scary, but it goes...

anyhow, I'm short on time, going b y myself anyway, and thought someone might go. maybe 2
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Are you looking to just run this crap on Friday or spend the weekend up there?
Are you looking to just run this crap on Friday or spend the weekend up there?

I have one other going with me. He had mentioned driving up friday and leaving sunday.

That is the plan so far if you are interested.
Bob... are you still heading up there? Flows look bonezone...
Flow seems like it might be obnoxiously low right now. Can't imagine why anyone would be asking for beta about this when you could just look here Crystal River, South Fork - Devil's Punchbowls - River Brain
Bob's wife here... looks like we're cancelling on the Crystal, our friend cancelled and the flows have dropped :( I was looking forward to rallying in the UTV too dammit.
Looks the crystal gorge will be in, maybe even a little high.
CC Saturday, BV Sunday, Bailey monday instead ;)
Just got back from them today, great level. I didn't run punch bowls or the slides but the rest of my crew did and they stomped it them.
Are you still thinking of running Bailey today?

Are you still thinking of running Bailey today? If so I would love to come along. Josh 530-308-5771
I think we may have a Bailey group going Tomorrow.
I'm interested in Bailey tomorrow, what does your timing look like?
FWIW I was up at the punch bowls yesterday and made 2 laps on the upper drop. Seemed to be close to the same flows as when I was up there last week watching a couple kids from carbon dale run both drops. Decided against running the lower drop because it looks mank with piton potential. Was hoping to make some north fork laps again but we ran out of time. I think the heat was keeping the flow up.
Just like the cliff jumpers do it. There is a small eddy on river left (the road side) that has an easy slab climb out. Just clip a throw rope to your bow and have a buddy pull the bow up on the slab, climb up then pull your boat up. Pretty easy really.
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