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My New Hyside Arrived! Show Yours Off Too!!!

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That's all. I've been waiting for a long time, and I'm happy it's finally here. Big thanks to the folks over at Hyside working hard to fulfill all those orders despite the delays.

Hyside Pro 13.5

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I've read every Hyside post on this forum and asked everyone I know who rafts, yet I still can't decide on which Hyside to get. If anyone has more recommendations, please tell me.

I live in CO and only have experience with cats. I mainly do browns, numbers, colorado, grizzly, gunnison, etc. as R2, and on occasion I take 3 or 4. We do a few multi-day trips a season as well (usually up to 5 days on a phatcat with 4 people), so I'm not leaning towards anything larger than a 12'. My main debate is between a paddlecat, minimax, and 12' max.
Max 12 seems to be your ticket. I'm also a Colorado boater and run may of the rivers named. Have minimax and pro 14. if I were only planning on having one boat it would be the max 12.
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