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My New Hyside Arrived! Show Yours Off Too!!!

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That's all. I've been waiting for a long time, and I'm happy it's finally here. Big thanks to the folks over at Hyside working hard to fulfill all those orders despite the delays.

Hyside Pro 13.5

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When did you order it? Also I'm stoked to see they moved the valves to the bow/stern.
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I ordered my Hyside Pro 14 in October last year and it was delivered last month. Worth the wait.
I placed an order for a new pro 16xt in May!

I was told by the shop that I have an expected delivery at the end of March. (I knew it would take that long) Seeing that others ordered last fall and are getting them a year later has me a bit concerned. I guess I'll be holding on to my current boat until the new one is in my posession.
Yes, definitely hope for the best, but don't be surprised if there are delays.
Oh, I know you guys have me covered!

I am well aware that there will most likely be delays in getting everything put together and that they are out of your and other company's hands.

Fingers crossed for speedy shipping this spring!
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Thanks! It’s a great little gear hauler. I used an old paddle as a go pro stick
What are the dimensions of your captians boxes?
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Just got my new 16xt couldn't be more stoked!

A big thanks go out to Down River for delivering the boat when expected!
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Great looking rigs in this thread and especially this one, @mcfarrel do you have any photos of the aluminum hatch cover open?
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Here is a couple photos of gear in different places on the raft.
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@mcfarrel - perfect, thanks! I'm thinking about doing an aluminum hatch cover and was wondering how to support it on the sides, looks like DR just did a cutout for the railing fittings. Gotta be lighter weight than the HDPE hatch covers they have done in the past. Do you happen to know if they used 3/16 or 1/4" aluminum sheet? I would think that 1/8" might sag...
I have not measured it but I would think it's 1/8" maybe 5/32" at best; 3/16 and especially 1/4" would be really heavy. They do offer to put a brace under the hatch which I thought I initially wanted but I did not choose that option because of limited space under the hatch and ultimately it will be supported by the ammo cans in the compartment.

I'm not sure of the weight savings vs poly deck. One difference is the quality of the hinge. DRE makes the poly deck hinges but they still slide around some.

One consideration I did have to make for the hatch adjacent to my Canyon 150 was adding an additional crossbar for the cooler to rest on. This way there was a dedicated spot for the hatch lid to land on.
Out of curiosity how long did y’all have to wait to get your boats, thinking about pulling the trigger
DRE puts in their first order in June. I put in with that order and got my boat when expected early spring no delays.
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