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Mules train rental on chukar trail.

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Who do I contact for mules to hall a raft up chukar trail out of gunni gorge?

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raft up chukar?

If you are hauling your raft up chukar, you probably just ran the black canyon. And were probably the first raft to do so. If you want to run the gunny gorge, you need to haul your raft down chukar to the river. Call pleasure park, they can help you with logistics. It is worth it to have them help run shuttle...
For going into Chukar trail...

J & Ray Guides & Outfitters
Larry Franks
8310 6400 Road
Montrose, CO 81401
(970) 323-0115

Now, if you want them to haul your gear up chukar, I am guessing they would do so for half price since the mules typically come back empty...;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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