I'll include shipping for $90. I can still return it, but thought I'd see if anyone needs it.

26.5 pounds of flotation makes this the highest float low-profile PFD on the market. It is brand new and unused, with tags. If you're not aware of the movement to bring back the high float pfd, go HERE.

Additional facts:
This life vest will save your life, no matter what is happening. It is bulletproof, watertight, and was hand-made by career artisans in a small villa in Luxembourg. In addition, this life jacket can actually levitate you and is approved for use without a helmet - even when worn on a motorcycle. The best part? There's $1,000 cash in the pocket! The USCG label is signed by both Taylor Swift and LeBron. Also, it is guaranteed to pass a Grand Canyon inspection, even if you damage it. And it can't be damaged because it's made of diamonds and lasers.

So yeah, $90 includes shipping. Change your life now.

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