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Moving to WY

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After years away from the Rockies, I'm making my triumphant return, moving to Lander, WY this weekend. Looks like the Popo Agie is done for the year, but anyone in the area/looking to come to the area to run the NF/SF Little Wind? Any other runs in the area I should know about? Anyone have contacts in the Lander/Jackson zone? Any help appreciated, stoked to get on the goods.

Also, to all my Front Range peeps, maybe see you guys on the Big South soon! Next weekend (7/12) if the level holds?
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Jackson has an active facebook group called "Where's the Whitewater? Jackson Hole". Cody has and excellent group of people and a facebook group called "Cody Kayaking Message Board".
Hi Xavierengle, I boat and I live in Lander. I am stoked to hear that another boater is moving here since I know of only one other Lander boater. There are probably other people who boat who live here, but I don't know that many people.

Lander is a great place to live, but boating around here usually has a short season and involves a lot of work. The upper part of the Popo Agie is still marginally running, but is probably not worth the hike and boat abuse right now. I'd like to do at least one of the Little Winds this year, but I don't know if I will have time.

I am from Cody and usually boat with folks from that area. I travel nearly every weekend for boating somewhere, and would be happy to have you come along sometime.

Give me a call: 307-272-6034

-Tom Sunderland
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