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Mountain Hardwear Yurtini

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Does anyone have the Mountain Hardwear Yurtini? I have a friend's and family discount that will no longer be available to me after this month and I'm thinking about buying it for a shade/rain shelter. I just wonder how many people would be able to fit inside with camp chairs.

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looks ridiculously expensive.
$1500 bucks. yep.

MH makes great stuff but that looks pretty "meh" for that coin.
Ludicrous price for a glorified tarp. It is cool- but Jebus.....1500 bones plus another 300 for the sleeping chamber. Does it come with a butler?!

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Haha, I should have prefaced this. The only reason I'm considering this is I've had a friends and family discount for the last four years to Columbia and Mountain Hardwear and it is coming to a close at the end of this month. It would cost about half of what it is, I am just having a little bit of remorse about it going away.

You all are right, it's probably irrational.
I think you could get about a half acre of coverage if you just put the money into NRS wings at full retail, couldn't you?
Sorry, but even half is too much. I used to really like MH, and I still do, but the trend in price increase has been sooooooo steep! Good luck. It looks like a great shelter for the millionaires.
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