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Motels in Craig or Maybelle, CO?

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Looking for a place to stay en route to Lodore. Any suggestions? I know there's a little motel in Maybells, anyone know the name?


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Lodging | Moffat County

Red Rose and the Victory? Haven't stayed at either one.

Lodging | Moffat County

Several in Craig.

Have a great trip!
We (8 of us) stayed at the Red Rose or whatever it's called in Maybell one cold, rainy, sleety October night and were lucky to find it. Everything in Craig was filled with hunters, it was just too cold and wet to continue on to Lodore CG. The Red Rose was pretty much a dump, but we were happy to sleep 4 to a room under the circumstances. If weather were not an issue, it's better to continue another hour to Lodore.
Stay in Steamboat! Bit more money but better then Craig hotels/motels. Nordic Lodge on main street is nice and cheaper plus right in the heart of downtown.
Holliday Inn in Craig often has quite the bar scene that could only increase the pleasure of your upcoming river trip.
If not too commercial, stayed at Hampton Inn in Craig last time. It's very new and was nice.
Craig has a strip of chain Hotels on western edge of town on Highway 13. As said above Holiday is not bad and Hampton Inn is a good one too. Little drive through mexican restaurant on 40 near the Ford Dealership and its awesome!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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