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Moments in Norway | Kayak Session Short Film of the Year Awards 2014

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Video: Moment in Norway

By now me, my girlfriend and some mates have been to Norway twice. To be honest, I can´t comprehend why I haven´t been before. It´s not just Norway that´s special – all parts of Scandinavia are recommendable. It´s the natural surroundings, the variety of animals and the vast landscape - that makes a visit unforgettable. Visiting Scandinavia is intense, not only are the rivers great, sometimes, especially when driving through a national park, you just get that sudden urge to climb up a mountain to take in the vastness this country has to offer. Your driving along a river and all of a sudden you are confronted with an elk, you leave the car and try and follow him as you want to get more impressions of this beautiful creature.
Playing volleyball spontaneously with a local family until lunchtime - could there be anything more natural?
Waking up, going fishing, going back to bed – why wouldn´t we?
What I am trying to say is: the people out there are really nice. For example, one guy we met, Isac, lives right next to the Austbygdai – one of Norway’s many famous rivers. He currently is building a lodge, offering accommodation for all sorts of people – including kayakers. We stayed with him a couple of nights, hanging around, going hiking and finding some awesome fishing spots. I can only recommend this guy! Check it out:

“Moments of Norway” shows details of our kayak trip and I´m sure the experience is going to stay with us for a long time. We really had a fantastic time and we´ll be back whenever we get the chance next! For Sure! Text translation by: Sophie Frankhauser
Kayaking by: Simon Gegg, Ben Jung, Dominik Vogt, Dominik Willmann, Markus Hörth, Markus Bottler and some other dudes.
Narrated by: Garry Shaw (Offenburgs Künstleragentur - events4bands)
Filming by: Simon Gegg, Ben Jung, Dominik Vogt, Dominik Willmann, Markus Hörth, Markus Bottler
Filmproduction by: Ben jung (
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