• Royalex hull, fully outfitted with foam saddle, thigh strap system, adjustable toe blocks, and air bags. The thigh strap system is standard Mohawk factory outfitting – it’s unusual but simple and it holds you in securely while being easy to escape from if you need to swim.
  • Very good condition, only the normal scratches and scrapes, no major dings. Boat has always been stored under cover or in a garage and regularly treated with 303 Protectant.
  • Specifications (approximate):
Length 12’7”
Width 26.5”
Depth at bow / middle / stern 21.5” / 15.5” / 21”
Rocker at bow / stern 5” / 5.75”
Weight 51lbs
- This is very much an asymmetrical hull. The hull is quite narrow forward with firm chines (edges). The rocker and the hull shape shift right under the paddler. From the paddler’s position aft the hull is much fuller and the bottom is quite rounded. Leaning a bit forward and pressing a knee down engages the edges and lets the boat carve into turns. Leaning back slightly releases the edges and let the boat spin on the rounded after sections.

- Shaman paddling tips (these were written about the Kevlar version, but apply equally to the Royalex version):