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Moab - Co Daily shuttles in Oct?

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Planning to head out for a few days of camping in UT and a day on the Colorado above Moab. Anyone have advice on who does shuttles this late in the boating season?
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If you don't find a shuttle company, I'd just take a bike. It's only ? 10 miles. I'm guessing the hitching is pretty easy too.
Never hitch hiked in october on this road but ive had mixed results during the summer. Some days ive been picked up by the first vehicle to come by, and others ive stood for hours. Not even the other boaters were stopping. I think it has to do with the fact a family of 4 isnt going to pick up a hitchhiker and this section is a good section for kids. +1 on the bike, not too bad of a ride...

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Canyon Voyages

Canyon Voyages does shuttles.
Thanks - I'm not necessarily against bringing a bike, but I'll be cramped for room and being by myself, I'm uncomfortable leaving my boating gear unattended.
If I'm not mistaken it looks like they're building adding/on to extensive riverside trail.
October shuttles are still running.
Moab Shuttle Services for the complete list.
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